About Us

Company overview

Phoenix M.E GmbH is an international business consultancy firm that aims to provide German position and ingenuity in a Middle Eastern environment. Phoenix M.E GmbH is based in Berlin and Kuwait.

Phoenix M.E GmbH is the sister company and part of PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH.

Why choose us

We create value for our people and our clients by promoting diversity, fostering a culture of inclusion, and supporting a healthy work-life balance; We’re able to offer our services at competitive price as we know exactly what we’re doing and have great systems in place that allow us to get the job done efficiently; Global presence that reflects wealth experience in each of the markets we serve; Broad multilingual capability to address the challenges of an increasingly global workforce; Making your work easier through our network.

Delivery Vision

Our “Delivery-Vision” methodology guarantees clients’ quality, promptness, and cost efficiency. It empowers our clients with complete control of the project’s life-cycle.

The project life-cycle begins with an onsite PhoenixBird core-team working together with the client’s developers and business analysts. The onsite team, which can be located on the client’s premises, synergies’ with the client’s developers and analysts to determine functionality and specifications of the final product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transfer the most effective German knowledge and technology to different management teams from different regions in order to help them to redefine their industrial perspectives, and reach high levels of economic values.