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Yasser Elshantaf

Yasser Elshantaf is an Entrepreneur. He studied Computer Information Systems, Political Science & Crisis Management.


In 2009, he traveled to Germany after winning the Konrad-Zuse-Program as an entrepreneur.The prize was presented by the German Foreign Office, and focuses on research and development in information technology field. Elshantaf is currently the chief executive officer of PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH; and the Vice Chairman of PhoenixBird Information Technology and Systems L.T.D.


Yasser Elshantaf is SAP Certified Application Consultant - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7, SAP S/4HANA Delta - Finance & Payroll, Functions & Innovations


Elshantaf is the Co-Founder of the German-Palestinian Business Council DPW e.V.; a member of the International Non-Profit Business Association for CEOs and Entrepreneurs, the Junior Chamber International, and a member of the Palestinian Information Technology Association.

Phoenix M.E GmbH

Delivery Vision

Our “Delivery-Vision” methodology guarantees clients' quality, promptness, and cost efficiency. It empowers our clients with complete control of the project's life-cycle.


The project life-cycle begins with an onsite PhoenixBird core-team working together with the client's developers and business analysts. The onsite team, which can be located on the client's premises, synergies' with the client’s developers and analysts to determine functionality and specifications of the final product.

We listen to you, we propel you into the future.


Board Member

Co-founder of PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH

Yasser Elshantaf


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