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ICT for Development

Knowledge Changes the Development Process: ICT and Economic Growth, ICT and Improved Delivery of Social Services, and ICT for Greater Transparency.


Business Services Overview

Corporate Services

Research & Development


Manufacturing Technologies

Empower People

Provide specialized knowledge into a wide range of operational, technological and regulatory procedures for your investment.

increase number of product development sectors to be used quickly and inexpensively for prototypes and also small series.

Provide a complete set of services to corporates in Business, legal and financial sectors in between Germany and gulf region.

Being one step ahead while shaping the mobility of the future is the key to our company's philosophy.

Enhance organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and health. Develop integrated core processes, and re-engineering for maximum effectiveness.

Delivery Vision

Our “Delivery-Vision” methodology guarantees clients' quality, promptness, and cost efficiency. It empowers our clients with complete control of the project's life-cycle.


The project life-cycle begins with an onsite PhoenixBird core-team working together with the client's developers and business analysts. The onsite team, which can be located on the client's premises, synergies' with the client’s developers and analysts to determine functionality and specifications of the final product.

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